About Us

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 Welcome to Coreology!  Faye is the founder of Coreology and has been a pilates instructor in the Redlands for more than 18 years.  Her warmth and enthusiasm will have you feeling most welcome whether you are a beginner or more advanced at the techniques and exercises taught.  At Coreology, we believe that exercise is for every body and our qualified instructors will tailor classes to meet your specific requirements. You can have confidence that your trainers will provide the best care and support for your body.

Our studio is in Cleveland, with plenty of parking available.  Classes are 1 hour in length, and we suggest bringing a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.  We offer a variety or pilates or yoga classes, but if you can’t find one that suits, personalised training or groups sessions are also available. If you’re in the Redlands, our qualified and enthusiastic pilates instructors would love to work with you to progress or get you started on your health and well-being journey.  

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

Joseph Pilates